Deploy time sheets into your organization based on Oracle® Hyperion Planning.

No one likes to spend their time filling out time sheets. Employees and managers are too busy to deal with time sheets and the process to collect working hours on their tasks. TSA is a web-based time sheet application with a simple and intuitive interface for time entry and approval. A step by step process guides users through the input and submission of their data. Users are even going to like time sheets!

It offers a simplified way to submit, review, track and approve time sheets. At the same time, it helps you control costs and actual working hours, consolidate time sheet information, and adhere to organizational time management rules.

Example of what a time sheet could look like. (On Premise)


The application can be configured to your specific needs: Data entry templates adjustable to your employees’ demands, reports that meet your management requirements and a data submission process that satisfies the auditors.

Submit the data by click on OK.


The application is based on enterprise grade Oracle software. It offers a wide range of new functions and can be configured as desired:

  • What works best in your organization: Weekly or monthly time sheets, weekends as read-only or write enabled, enable/disable data validation.
  • No unnecessarily large time sheet: The lines are reduced to what the user has access to.
  • No repetitive actions: No need to fill in the same data over and over again, data from the previous week can be copied into the current week.
  • Configuring weeks: The week can start either on a Sunday or Monday. Should the Friday be a weekend day, it can be configured in such a way.
  • Enable comments at desired levels: Do you want to enable comments at the task level or just on the submission process?
  • Choice of data entry program: Data entry in the Excel Add-in or via the web browser.
  • Improve resource planning: To compare actual working hours spend on tasks with their planned duration, is a matter of opening the correct report. Resource planning is at your fingertips.

The project manager can easily handle a variety of billing rate models based on criteria as weekday, overtime, employee, customer or project-task. The underlying database supports in-depth analysis of the data. The Time Sheet Application has several out-of-the-box reports, which are available to provide an overview per employee, project and KPIs. Project Managers stay on top of progress and costs with actuals versus plan reports.

Chart with weekly overview of working hours by employee.

Cloud based or on-premises
Extend your on-premises planning installation with this additional application. Just add it to the existing ones, but you can also use the Oracle Cloud. You can start within hours, use the mobile time entry option more easily and avoid external users having access to your company network.
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